What to bring to Illawong Lodge

Stores cupboard at Illawong, 2008. Photo: R.Baker

Since you need to carry everything you want to take into Illawong, many members pack as light as possible for a trip to Illawong Lodge but not at the expense of safety.. The trip is awkward and challenging when skis, poles and a heavy pack are involved. Non perishable food is provided in the lodge to assist in keeping your pack as light as possible.

Consider this packing list for winter and a packing list for summer at the lodge, though neither is exhaustive. Inexperienced skiers may wish to get some help carrying gear on their first trip.

Useful information
Bulk provision locations

Cupboards for storage of bulk provisions.

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Illawong food and stores

Download this list of Illawong food and stores. [PDF - 106Kb]

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Summer and Easter packing list

Members share suggestions on what to pack. PDF [24Kb]

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Winter packing list

Suggestions on what to bring for your winter trip. [PDF - 43Kb]

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It's amazing what the Illawong bakery can produce! Photo: Unknown.